Portrait of Theodora – from clay original to plaster cast
  • Process

Making the mould


Constructing the clay wall (above).

plaster on clay

Flick and blow on the first layer of plaster (above).


The front ‘mother’ mould completed (above).

plaster mould

The mould completed and ready for removal of the clay original (above).

portrait sculpture making kent

Carefully easing the pieces apart (above).

seperation of clay and plaster

When the mould is removed much of the clay original may be lost (above).


Once the mould has been cleaned, sealed and securely strapped together casting can begin.

Fresh plaster is mixed up then poured into the mould, agitating or blowing into the detail.

This is a critical stage. The clay original is now preserved in negative by the mould. Every nuance of the original must be faithfully transferred from the mould to the cast to reproduced the piece in plaster.

The process is repeated until an even layer about 20mm thick covers the inside of the mould.

plaster from clay portrait removal

Chipping away the mould (above).

plaster portrait

The cast is ready to clean up (above).

finished plaster portrait

Theodora – the finished plaster (above).