about brook hobbins


From the Edgware Road to the southeast edge of England, via the snow belt of upstate New York, my sculptural journey has taken the scenic route. On the way I have been a plasterer, a teacher, a landscape architect, and now, again, a studio based sculptor.

Portrait sculpture is my core practice. It feeds into my parallel preoccupation with the depiction of the figure in space: in two dimensions through observational and imaginative drawing, in three dimensions through narrative sculpture, and in the strange and compelling form of relief sculpture – which hovers between dimensions.


Clay and wax are my primary media. Clay’s primal simplicity contains infinite metaphorical potential: it speaks of transformation, of genesis and decay. Wax has an almost mystical affinity with bronze, both as a modelling medium and as an essential part of the lost wax casting process. The mutability of these two materials make them both potent allies in the attempt to capture that most elusive and ineffable thing: human identity.


Camberwell School of Art & Design — Foundation Course | 1969-70
West Surrey College of Art — BA Hons Fine Art (Sculpture) | 1976-79
West London Institute of Higher Education — PGCE | 1979-80
Syracuse University, New York, U.S. — MFA (Sculpture) | 1980-82
Plastering By Women —Self employed Plasterer | 1983-84
Women’s Education in Building — Plastering Teacher | 1984-86
Thames Polytechnic — DipLA | 1986-89
Member of the Landscape Institute (MLA) | 1991
Kent County Council — Landscape Architect/Urban Designer | 1988-2006
Kent Design Awards — winner of the landscape category
for the design of the Lower Leas Coastal Park, Folkestone | 2007
Square Sky Ltd — Chartered Landscape Architect/Director | 2006-12
Studio based sculptor on the East Kent Coast | 2012-present
Society of Portrait Sculptors — Class Prize | 2014

Limited editions of my work are available for sale and I welcome enquiries for both public and private commissions.

If you’d like to find out more please contact me on 07812 347401 or at  admin@brookhobbins.com

You can view my work as a landscape architect through my archival website SquareSky.