The Expressive Portrait: March 2020

The Expressive Portrait

2nd/3rd & 5th/6th March 2020

10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

What makes a successful portrait? Is a convincing likeness achieved by technical skill alone, or are there other, less tangible ingredients? These questions will inform this four day course as we attempt to move beyond likeness to explore the expressive potential of the contemporary portrait. A rest day in the middle of the week offers the chance to maintain momentum over an extended period – while staying fresh and motivated. We will be making portraits in clay working from a clothed sitter.

Intermediate / Advanced

Early bird price (for bookings up to four weeks prior to the start date): £295

Standard price: £320

Price includes sitter, all materials and equipment (excluding the armature which may be purchased or returned after use). Firing can be arranged for an additional cost of £40.00.